"This is the best machine ever!! I love it!! Save time and backache!! I don't even have to get my butt up off the golf cart. Thank you Greystone for inventing such a marvelous piece of equipment."
“Greystone's Paddock Vac has sure made a difference to my back! I can zip around the pasture picking up poops and have enough energy when I am done to play with the animals. Thanks, Greystone.”
“Every farm should have one!”

"My husband and I have been using our Greystone Paddock Vac for several months now, and we LOVE it! The time we spend cleaning up our pastures has been cut in half.

We have really saved our backs by using the Paddock Vac, as well. We have more time and energy to spend enjoying our alpacas. Good bye shovel and rake!"

“My husband and I raise donkeys. Every other day I was scooping poop in our pastures. This was a very slow and backbreaking job that only got worse if it was allowed to pile up. With the Greystone Paddock Vac I spend about 3 hours 1 day a week and completely clean both pastures.

It does not matter if the poop is wet or dry, if it has been rained on and is just powder on the ground, if the grass is short or tall or even if the poop is on dirt. The Greystone Vac will completely clean up the poop in any of these conditions.

It does everything the company claims it will do and does it extremely well! I gladly tell anyone who is interested about the Vac and just how much time and energy it saves me. It is money very well spent!”

"First, let me say that I am so impressed with this Company. GREYSTONE, Inc has the BEST Customer Service people you would ever want to deal with. They are very concerned about your issues and really want to please. Just how a company should be!
Now, about the Paddock Vac. I am absolutely amazed that it took this long for someone to come up with this idea. It makes perfect sense, why not vacuum your fields? But yet, I was still skeptical. It sounded too easy. We had a really big storm just hours before the demo, so the manure was extremely heavy.

I thought this would be the perfect test, that I would see that it wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. Boy was I wrong! From the minute they unloaded it from the truck, assembled the pieces, and started it up, it only took 10 minutes. This thing sucked up every tiny morsel of manure within a blink of the eye! I was sold right then and there and haven’t regretted a minute since. My Paddock Vac has always started within just a couple of pulls of the string, which is amazing in itself, and has made my chore so much easier.

My back never hurts, I actually enjoy going out to “poop scoop”, and it is so much faster! It would take me two weeks to clean my pasture by hand, by then it was time to rotate the horses back to the pasture I just cleaned. It was a never-ending job. Now with the Paddock Vac, I can have the pasture done in hours! I actually have time to ride my horses instead of constantly doing chores to maintain them!

This product is well worth every penny, saving time and the back pain alone is payback. The power is so great that it actually creates mulched manure, which helps with composting. My family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors come to me when they need fertilizer for their gardens.

I love my Paddock Vac and do not ever see myself without one. I would recommend it to anyone!

“We all know that we’re supposed to pick up the horse manure in the paddocks – but who really does it? We do now! The Paddock Vac has been a great tool for us. With the drought this year, (2007), pasture management is very important for maintaining the best possible grazing, and the Paddock Vas is helping us to do this. It has been a tremendously useful addition to our list of farm equipment.”

"We have a herd of 27 alpacas and 4 llamas and had been looking for several months for a manure vacuum that was reasonably priced, did not have an impeller system to clog up or break and, hopefully would save us time. We found it in the Greystone Paddock Vac. What used to take 8-9 hours in our pastures now takes 2 hours or less. Works equally well in barn stalls.

Since we don’t particularly “bond” with our animals by cleaning up their poop, this vacuum lets us get the job done quickly so that we can move on to things that are more fun to do. Our Paddock Vac really is “The Cure for Manure.”

"I love your product. I have a 12 stall barn with 8 acres of pasture. The pastures were always on the bottom of the list when it came to cleaning. They are now as healthy and clean as the rest of my farm. I am looking forward to the attachment that will clean my barn floor."

“I hate scooping poo—but my Paddock Vac makes a necessary chore so much easier. I find it takes me about 45 minutes to fill and only 5 minutes to empty it, reducing by 75% the number of trips to the compost pile. The Paddock Vac keeps my pasture cleaner than scooping poo with a fork–I can get all of the pile and not leave a lot of manure on the ground. It sucks up worm eggs and Japanese beetle larvae as well.

My boarders are also more willing to pitch in and scoop poo with the vacuum. I won't go back to a wheelbarrow and fork–the Paddock Vac makes this work almost fun–I love it.”

"We wanted to let you know what a great help the Paddock Vac has been to us. We used to clean our pasture the “old fashioned way”- shoveling into a pick up, taking it to our dump site, and shoveling it off. Regardless of our efforts, we never really got everything up until we got our machine.

Our Vac has saved us countless hours and back aches. More importantly our pastures are cleaner and more pest-free, which reduces the risk of disease to our horses.

We’ve also donated it’s services to the local therapeutic riding school, where Jody is an instructor. They’re located next to a stream and it’s so important to keep the turn out area clean to avoid run off. It’s been such a great help to them, they’re hoping to get their own!

While it’s not a “do everything for everyone” machine, we highly recommend it to horse owners (we know firsthand the benefits) and alpaca or llama owners (we’ve seen how well it works for them) who make it a priority to keep their pastures and stalls clean for their animals well being.

Feel free to share our comments, or pass our number along as a reference."